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How to open a course page and enroll students to a course?
Last Updated 3 years ago

Method 1: Via CRS


In the faculty module, visit the Instructor Dashboard. To create a page for a class, click the corresponding request link in the Action column. The course page will be created and students will be enrolled automatically the next day (i.e. every 3:00 AM). Teachers and students will be notified in their e-mails upon processing. Note that this method is limited to teachers in UP Diliman (CRS users) and can only be used to create 1 course page for each class. If you wish to create a single course page for several sections of the same subject, Method 2 will be a better option.

Method 2: Via ILC Helpdesk


If you have special arrangements (e.g. one course page for 5 sections), then it will be better to open a course via ILC Diliman Helpdesk. Open a ticket under “UVLê - Open Course” and input details of your request (e.g. name of course). The request will be processed within 24 hours during work days. An enrollment key will be given to the teacher upon creation of the course. Students shall enroll themselves by entering an enrollment key.

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