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How to Login UP Mail Account in UVLe?
Last Updated a year ago

In compliance with the UP Memo No. TJH 2019-07A Section 2 and 5, use of UP mail and Two-Factor Authentication(2FA) feature will be available for UVLe users. Users must link their account to their UP Mail before they can use this feature. Once linked, UVLe users may login via UP Mail to access their UVLe account

To link UP Mail account to your UVLe account, do the following:

1. Go to Preferences


2. Expand Other Preferences


3. Under User account (others), click Linked logins

4. Click Link a new account (UP Mail Login)


5. Sign in your UP Mail account. The feature will only allow login via UP Mail (, and it will not accept logins using other @gmail accounts.


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